What day will ACAS2019 be held?

Friday and Saturday, 22nd and 23rd February 2019

9.00am – 5.00pm each day

Where will ACAS2019 be located?

Marriot Hotel, Surfers Paradise – QLD, Australia

How many CPD hours will attendees receive?

Attendees will receive fourteen (14) hours for attending

Will the event have food catering?

Yes, the event will be catered with regards to food and drink and the price is included in the ticket price. The event will be catered for morning tea, buffet lunch and afternoon tea

Who can attend the course?

The course is best suited to clinicians who are currently using clear aligners as well as those who want to begin using clear aligners. Auxiliary staff including OHT, dental assistants and admin may also find some aspects of the course beneficial.

The event is advertised as being Australasia's first impartial clear aligner symposium. What does impartial mean?

For a long time, any kind of aligner education has been specific to a certain system. The sole aim of this symposium is to openly educate about clear aligners, and not a specific brand. This concept is best demonstrated through a dental example – In endodontics, some practitioners are interested in learning, say, the “ProTaper” system – where as some practitioners are interested in learning the core principles of endodontics and learning how to use what and when¬†to achieve the result they want to achieve and how to communicate around it and integrate it in their practice. Additionally, when attending specific system based training, some presenters may be muted due to the nature of the course.


Depending on your involvement in clear aligners, it may or may not surprise to you know there are more than one hundred clear aligner manufacturers in the world. It may also surprise you that the fundamental concepts of treatment remains the same for all clear aligners.


We strongly believe that the clear aligner market will continue to grow at an exponential rate and the time is now to learn about clear aligners: what they can do, what they cant do, biomechanics, how to implement it in your practice and how to succeed in the field.


ALL aligner companies being used in Australia will be invited to have a booth at the symposium trade-show room but under no circumstance whatsoever will there be financial or other influence as to what is said and presented at this event by any clear aligner company.

We have worked extremely hard to secure the very best, educational and engaging speakers in the field to present. Each clinician invited to speak on aligners has completed more than 2000 cases each, which means they have a wealth of knowledge on aligners and are ready to share it with us.

If a speaker has an affiliation with any company or product, will we find out?

Yes, ACAS2019 has a completely transparent and open disclosure policy for all speakers and any affiliation (financial or other) will be commented at the start of the speakers’ talk.

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